Bernafon Hearing Aid Models & Prices   

Bernafon Juna Range

Premium Juna 9

Advanced Juna 7

Prices from $3295ea

Bernafon Saphira Range

Value Saphira 5

Essential Saphira 3

Prices from $1400ea

Bernafon Nevara 1 Range

Entry Level from $1250

About Bernafon

Bernafon are a Swiss brand and company that people can rely on and trust. Their motto – “Your Hearing – Our Passion”. Unlock the full potential of Swiss-engineered technology and open up a new world of hearing.

Bernafon is one of the brands we offer to our clients. We supply a range of models for you to choose from, including:

  • Juna 9
  • Juna 7
  • Saphira 5
  • Saphira 3
  • Nevara 1

Each model is available in RITE, BTE and custom styles, allowing you the choice of something that works for both your lifestyle and your finances.

View pictures and prices above, or feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about any of these Bernafon products.