Independent Hearing Solutions Cleveland

Located in Cleveland, this clinic is also our head office. We provide services to clients who reside in the Redlands district and this includes suburbs such as Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Thornlands, Mount Cotton, Ormiston and Raby Bay.

All services and minor repairs are conducted at this site – if you are needing an appointment, don’t forget to check our other locations in case there is one more convenient for you. Aside from our Cleveland clinic, you can also find us in Benowa and Cornubia.

There is on-street parking at the front of the premises along with disabled parking and easy access – we do our best to ensure your visit is as hassle-free as possible. If you need any extra assistance, simply get in touch with our friendly team.

If you are unable to make it to one of our locations, we do offer home visits. There may be travel fees associated with this depending on your location and reason for appointment, so do contact us to find out more if this a service you may wish to utilise.

To make an appointment please phone (07) 3286 4549.

11/123 Bloomfield Street, Cleveland 4130

“Hi Sarah,

I would like to say thank you and let you know that the new Phonak CROS hearing aids I have recently purchased from you have been life changing. After 12 years with single sided deafness due to an acoustic neuroma removal I can now start joining back in.  I  am able to hear speech in areas that I previously would of withdrawn from,  where it was like sitting in a chicken shed as all voices were garbled.   I trialled the Phonak ComPilot which is a great addition to allow Bluetooth connectivity to my mobile and an added bonus I discovered my TV as well.

Once again thank you”

Kevin D; April 2017 


“I have worn hearing aids now for about 10 years and when my aids showed signs of aging, I was looking for a hearing specialist who, unlike most, was not aligned with particular manufacturer and could allow me to experience a range of aids, before commitment. Over the years I have heard many stories of disappointment with hearing aids from users who, after considerable expense, have found another manufacturers product to be so much better, for them.

So it was that my wife, well aware of what I was looking for, by chance passing Independent Hearing Solutions, stepped in to see what they had to offer and on her recommendation, I called in to see them. From the outset they could not have been more helpful. I was assured that they had just the service that I was looking for and an appointment was quickly made, on a no obligation basis, with the audiometrist, Sarah Logan.

Sarah understood my requirement to experience a range of aids and in the friendliest and most helpful way checked my hearing, described in detail the aids that were available and then by elimination encouraged me, over the ensuing couple of weeks, to trial two different manufacturer’s aids with adjustments to ‘tune’ each for best effect. Although of similar specification, I was amazed at the marked difference in performance, for my hearing specific hearing deficiencies, between the aids. Most importantly to me, absolutely no pressure was applied to make a decision and when I finally decided to proceed, he purchase was completed seamlessly. I have since had several sessions to fine tune the aids and these could not have been handled better.

Modern high performance hearing aids need to be carefully ‘tuned’ to achieve maximum effect and this needs an audiometrist who not only has considerable product knowledge but, is also committed to achieving the best result for the customer and this can be time consuming. Also, not all customers need or can manage top range of aids and it needs an audiometrist capable of recognising this and being honest enough to suggest the best solution, irrespective of price or return to the business.

IHS is a family owned and operated business which is not aligned with any particular manufacturer and I could not commend Sarah, Stephen, Lea and Vanessa more highly. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome; but, even more so with how it was achieved.”

Ian, Cleveland Dec 2016

“Hearing aids are expensive, an investment for life, but when I finally had to admit to a hearing problem I decided to research several companies offering help and to compare prices. My first stop was Independent Hearing solutions in Cleveland. Within a few minutes I knew I didn’t have to go any further. Sarah was bright, welcoming. informative and took her time explaining all aspects of hearing problems to me.

After a  very extensive series of tests Sarah showed me the results and explained my options. Because this is an independently owned business offering several brands of hearing aids I was not pressured into any one make of aid. Sarah showed me the different brands, sizes and attributes and suggested I try one for a week, no obligation. She was very patient when showing me how to insert the aids, change batteries and signals to listen for. After a week during which Sarah phoned to see how I was coping I returned to talk about any difficulties I’d had and to request a lower level of programming. Sarah had added an app to my mobile phone to help me control hearing levels and this was most helpful. After a few more days of testing and more visits I decided on the type of aid I wanted which was a little cheaper than the original aid I tried. At no time was I ever pressured to take the more expensive model.

I highly recommend Independent Hearing Solutions and Sarah for the time and patience involved in my acquiring hearing aids. You have a selection of brands, very competitive prices and very patient and professional guidance with the guarantee of further support and service. It was a very pleasurable experience.”

L McAllister; November 2016

“I would like to say a big thankyou to Sarah and her team. Sarah took me through the process of the hearing tests and then to getting the best hearing aids to suit. I am amazed at how much better it is being able to hear again and also the service I recieved from the crew.

I was always hearing stories of the hearing aids being uncomfortable, annoying and a pain. Not in my case. So good and half the time I forget they are in. I don’t know why I waited so long. Well I do, The price was always an issue. But then again Sarahs price was much less than I expected. Another win.

Thanks again.”

Shane W; September 2016

“I had been having trouble with my hearing for quite a while and called into Independent Hearing Solutions who are up the road from where my father goes for his hearing aids.

Without an appointment I enquired about the prices for hearing aids. Sarah ask if I had any recent hearing tests results and what sort of problems I was having with my hearing.  I explained that I needed people to repeat themselves before I could fully understand the conversion.  Sarah made an appointment for me that afternoon.

Sarah took the time to talk to me about what my situation was, where I was having trouble, then set up a pair of hearing aids to trial for a week.  After that week I was able to trial another pair so I could compare the two.  At no time I felt pressured into buying any hearing aids, but with Sarah’s professional advice, I was much more relaxed about making a clear decision on what I believe has been a life changer for myself, my family and friends. They all told me I should have had them years ago.

Thanks Sarah for all your help.”

Glenn S; August 2016


Thank you for solving my hearing aid problem I have had for over twelve months.

I appreciated your care and attention to my problem. It was a pleasure to report back to my GP, who referred you to have no hesitation in referring other patients due to my great result.

A special thank you from my wife.”

Doug T; March 2016