Hearing Aid Fitting Packages

Flexible, caring and professional – at Independent Hearing Solutions, we offer a thorough service that can help you access quality solutions for hearing loss.
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Our Hearing Aid Packages

To help you get the care you need, when you need it, we offer different levels of fitting and service packages. The costs for these remain the same whether you have a monaural (one hearing aid) or binaural (two hearing aids) fitting. That means you can choose a hearing aid fitting package that suits your current circumstances and needs.

Free One Year Service Package

Valued at $990, this free one year package for hearing aid fitting and servicing is perfect for you if:

  • It’s your first time wearing hearing aids
  • You’re on a limited budget.

In this package, you can expect to have no out-of-pocket expenses in the first 12 months of enjoying your hearing aids as the cost of follow-up services is included in your initial fee. On top of this, you also get the benefit of the standard 3-year manufacturer warranty and enough batteries to get you through the year.

Once the 12-month term is completed, subsequent appointments will be chargeable.

Do you want to learn more about our free 1 year service package for hearing aids? Simply get in touch with our friendly team of professionals!

Four Year Service PackageParty Situation_talking

Do you like being prepared? You might prefer to opt for our premium 4-year package and get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being organised. Not only will you get the benefit of having four years of services and appointments covered, but you can also take advantage of our special 4-year extended manufacturer warranty. That means no financial surprises throughout the entire 4 years included in your package.

Why Choose Independent Hearing Solutions?

Not only do we have a range of convenient locations, we also offer a range of handy services to suit people in many different circumstances. Enjoy our:

  • After-hours tests and consults
  • Professional administration of hearing tests and recommendations
  • Latest technology for discreet hearing solutions.

You can count on our team members to give you advice tailored for your lifestyle and needs – we’re not just here to sell products. With our combination of expertise, genuine care for our patients and dedication to providing solutions that help you get more out of life, you can trust that you will walk out feeling confident and happy every time.

When it comes to great results, you can’t go past Independent Hearing Solutions. For more information about our hearing aid fitting packages, or any of our hearing solutions and services, contact our expert team today; they can help with all your enquiries and bookings.