Hearing Aids

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Whether you have partial hearing loss or a more complete hearing loss, hearing aids can help you get the most from your days. From coping in challenging listening environments, through to giving you clear sound from your digital and audio devices, these hearing solutions can enhance your quality of life and make it easier for you to tackle everyday interactions.

There is a large variety of hearing aids available, with different styles and features designed to cater to unique needs and lifestyles. All hearing aids are made to increase the volume of the sounds you want to hear – they can make soft sounds more audible or louder sounds more comfortable, giving you a versatile tool to make all sorts of situations easier to handle.

While these clever devices are perfect for improving your hearing, no hearing aid can solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing. However, they do make a big difference in the lives of many people.

A hearing aid is essentially a miniature amplification system. The following components are typically found in each model:


  • A microphone (or two)
  • An amplifier with digital signal processing
  • A miniature loudspeaker called a receiver
  • Either a custom made ear mould or individual shell for custom instruments
  • A battery.


The point of difference between brands and models is often the level of technology that goes into each component


Hearing Aid Styles

There are a range of basic designs found across hearing aids.

hearing aids


Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are used for all types of hearing loss, from mild through to profound. They come in a variety of styles and sizes – you can find miniature hearing aids, larger super power hearing aids and even water and dustproof hearing aids for people who are needing something sturdy to survive various adventures. BTE hearing aids consist of:

  • The aid itself which sits behind the ear
  • Tubing which allows the sound to travel from the aid into the ear canal
  • A dome or custom mould to keep the amplified sound in the ear without annoying whistling or feedback.

You’ll find that many BTE hearing aids offer multi-directional microphone systems, giving you improved understanding of speech in noisy situations like parties or shopping centres.


Receiver in the Canal hearing aids (also known as RITE) are discreet hearing aids that can provide an incredible hearing experience with advanced technology, all in a tiny package. The receiver amplifies sound and is held in place in the ear canal by a dome or custom mould. It is attached to the hearing aid which sits behind the ear to deliver improved hearing for all types of losses from mild to severe. This style of instrument provides you with discretion and exceptional functionality

Independent Hearing Solutions

Custom Hearing Aids


These hearing aids are individually manufactured to suit a person’s ear canal and hearing loss. The size can vary from extremely small and invisible to the full shell variety which completely fills the outer ear. Custom hearing aids can vary in the sophistication of technology and often the suitability of a particular style is dependent on the size of the ear canal and degree of hearing loss.