Hearing Aid Services after care

What makes Independent Hearing Solutions different? We pride ourselves on providing you with appropriate and highly personalised hearing aid solutions and the provision of ongoing commitment with high levels of service and support.

Too busy to come to us? We can come and visit you in the convenience of your home or office at a time that suits you*.hearing-test-1a

Services Provided Include

  • Hearing Assessment
  • Hearing aid evaluation and discussion
  • Fitting of hearing aids and/or other suitable devices
  • Hearing aid adjustments and repair
  • Ear Wax removal (no syringing or suction)
  • Custom noise and musician plugs
  • Pre Employment hearing tests
  • Independent Hearing Solutions is a contracted service provider of hearing services to eligible clients under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Hearing Test

Your hearing test can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. At your first appointment, your clinician will start by assessing your needs through asking you questions about your hearing difficulties. At this time it is important to let them know any information that could be helpful in assessing what is needed for your hearing solution, such as family history, previous noise exposure and any other factors that could impact your hearing.

Hearing TestBefore testing, the clinician will use a light called an otoscope to examine your ears and check for any abnormalities or any build up of wax. The next part of your hearing test will take place in a quiet room, and will include your participation in a series of tests for auditory responses to sounds such as tones, speech and noise. The results of these tests will help your clinician to decide the best method of intervention for you.

Additional Benefits

As a valued client, you can choose to receive the following benefits as part of our optional Fitting Package extras (conditions apply)”:

  • Loan Hearing aids*
  • Unique four year warranty
  • Complimentary hearing assessments
  • Complimentary annual review and adjustments, if required
  • After hours services**
  • Complimentary batteries

**Additional costs may apply for off site visits

*If your aids were purchase via IHS, we will endeavor to provide you with loan hearing aids whilst yours are sent away for servicing/repair

” depending on fitting package chosen