Don’t take our word for it. Read on for testimonials from some of our satisfied hearing aid customers who have been motivated to put pen to paper. Price isn’t the only thing to consider when purchasing your hearing devices. Your hearing aid purchase is going to be a long term investment in your quality of life, so you need to ensure that you can relate to your hearing aid provider and be confident in their ability to provide the level of service and after care you expect and deserve.

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What our clients have to say

"I am very happy with my new hearing aids.It took much longer than imagined to find the ones that were perfect for me. After trialling a few different brands and weighing everything up,  finally, after nearly 3 months, settled into comfort and precision.

Thank you Sarah so very much for your patience, kindness and outstanding professionalism.

It feels very good to have a provider who is really a provider!"

Marion; Benowa March 2019

“I knew that my hearing had noticeably deteriorated, but evaded using any hearing aids as I was loath to contemplate the aesthetic impact that I thought they would give. However, one day I visited clients in their Board Room, to discover that I could hardly hear what anyone had said! After that I had no other option to take.

I scoured the Internet and chose a number of people to see. After having met them, I was really disenchanted with what and how they presented to me. I was getting nowhere, but then something happened.

I met Sarah Logan of Independent Hearing Solutions, who came across from the start as being very friendly, happy and professional. One attribute she had which made her stand out from others, was that she strove to give me what I wanted and not the other way round. She never put forward a brand, model, or type of hearing aid either. I had many questions for her which she answered fully and succinctly and without reference. I knew then that this lady had proved herself. I put it to her that I had a chosen what I wanted and did she think it would be suitable and if yes how would I know if I had chosen correctly. Sarah simply said that I could have a three week trial to see how things went: which I did. After the 3 weeks I went to see her again and discussed with her (at my suggestion) that there were a few options that I would like in the upgraded model and so this was agreed upon, and incidentally the price was thousands less than that I had seen with others.

I went back the see her a couple of times in the first six months, at her request, to make sure everything was programed correctly for me. After about 10 months I did have a problem with one of the aids, which turned out to be terminal after being sent to the maker, but Sarah promptly provided me a replacement.

I continue to receive a brilliant level of after sale service which has been ongoing for two and a half years. I have recently moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne and asked Sarah before I left how I could have my aids checked before my Warranty runs out. Her reply was that she will send a set to me whilst mine is being checked! Now how can you beat that?

I can recommend Sarah without hesitation.”

Robert G. May 2017

“Dear Sarah,
We would like to express our thanks for the expert service we experienced from you re: Faiths hearing aids. After attending two hearing aid suppliers over the last three years with no improvement and very little professionalism or customer  service we find that the aids have never been adjusted or fitted properly and consequently would never have been satisfactory.
Faith can now hear very well and the hearing aids are fitting  well. We would like to recommend you to anyone needing hearing aids or anything relating to hearing, as your expertise, knowledge and care for your clients is exceptional.
Kind regards”

Mike K. August 2016

I was in the Australian Army for three years in the RAEME CORE being a Mechanical Division of the Armed Forces in New South Wales, I believe the deterioration of my hearing began at this time.

In possibly the last ten years I have tried without success to wear Hearing Aids as I have Tinnitus and Dermatitis in the ears. On two different occasions I tried the Government Hearing Aids which were quite large, and found they considerably increased the discomfort of the dermatitis, therefore I was unable to wear them.

After many years of finding it difficult to hear, my wife saw an advertisement in the local paper for a Trial for a week on ‘New and Improved Hearing Aids’ with Independent Hearing Solutions. After my wife and I discussed the problem relating to my hearing, we felt we had nothing to lose, so we agreed to trial the new Hearing Aids. Fortunately for both of us the Hearing Aids we eventually purchased from Independent Hearing Solutions are 100% successful. So much so, on many occasions I have fortunately realised in time, I still had them in when going for a shower or going to bed.

Sarah with her expertise, asked all the right questions, helping me understand I needed to communicate with her so she could give me the best possible outcome with my Hearing Aids.

My wife and I can’t thank her enough. I would highly recommend Independent hearing Solutions at Cleveland, and Sarah for her advice, help and understanding of my hearing needs.”

William P; January 2016

“I had resisted even thinking of having a hearing for quite a long time. The reasons being that many men that I knew who had them said they didn’t work. However, one friend I had was really impressed with his hearing aids. So I decided to be tested and look at possible hearing aids.

Why did I go to Independent Hearing Solutions? For just that reason I wanted Independent advice! The service I got was Fabulous.
There was no pressure! I got to try several hearing aids and whilst it took nearly two months for me to finally make my mind up, Sarah was patient, cheerful and forever helpful.

Once I had my hearing aids, the service didn’t stop there. I just needed to ring and help or a visit was immediately available.
If you can’t hear what I am saying then ring Sarah, you will not regret it!”

T Griffiths; Hope Island January 2016

“One year ago I researched options to purchase hearing aids as at 55yrs of age I found myself going deaf. I was very sensitive to the idea of accepting the fact and aesthetically aware of the impact.

Along with a number of other hearing outlets I called Sarah at Independent Hearing solutions and her approach to me was just the support I needed.

I have received an excellent product which cost me less than that quoted from other clinics and the ongoing support is wonderful.

I am so pleased I chose Independent Hearing Solutions at Benowa to not only  provide my hearing Aids but as promised  I continue to receive an excellent after care service.

I have found my choice to be an experience I would recommend to anyone requiring hearing support.”

Elaine R. 2015

“I had been struggling for some time to understand clearly what my family were saying. When approached to have a free hearing test I went along just to show my family that I was fine. I was told I did indeed have a slight hearing loss. After further tests I was told I had significant hearing loss (not the case), and was handed a $12,000 pair of hearing aids and my questions were fobbed off.

Very disillusioned I searched for information and answers. I tried a few different brands of aids at different hearing loss centres & then came across Sarah’s website. Sarah made me feel very comfortable straight away. She was extremely helpful and answered all my questions.

Sarah took the time to talk to me about what my situation was, where I was having trouble and at no time did I feel I was being pressured. Sarah’s cheerfulness & happy manner made what had started out as a stressful situation, much more relaxed and I was able to make an informed and clear decision fairly quickly.

Thanks again Sarah, your help has been greatly appreciated.”

K. Neal; Wellington Point. 2015

“Hi Sarah,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the most informative session we had. I found what you told me to be most enlightening and helpful and your professionalism to be first class.

I look forward to visiting your clinic again after I get that Ear Nose & Throat Specialist appointment taken care of and hopefully some resolution on my left ear issues.”

Ian W; September 2015

“I had my hearing tested at an audiologist close to my home. At the end of the test, we spoke about hearing aids and what was suitable. I was a little surprised that when I asked some questions about the proposed aids, the audiologist needed a product brochure to answer my question.

When I arrived home I did some research and found IHS. I was astounded to see that that the aids I was recommended were nearly $3,000 cheaper for a pair. I called IHS and spoke with Sarah. She answered every question I had, and when I asked about the cost difference she explained the possible reasons why her prices are more affordable.

My first meeting with Sarah was excellent. She is a true professional. Having not used hearing aids before, Sarah offered me a trial at no cost. After about three days, I was astounded at the difference the aids made as I had not realised how much hearing I had lost over the last 20 or so years. So it was a simple call to arrange the fitting of my new hearing aids. After one week, I realised that using the home phone could have been better with the telecoil. Sarah told me that it was not a problem to order replacement hearing aids that had a telecoil and that she would order the aids at no cost.

If you are unsure about wearing hearing aids – DON’T Worry – many of my friends did not even notice them until I told them. More importantly, I now join in conversations that I previously missed being a part of, and I no longer blast my family out of the lounge room with the volume of the television.

In a nutshell, IHS were cheaper and professional. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs help with better hearing.”

Peter M; January 2016

“Hi Sarah

Just a quick note to thank you for your courtesy and helpfulness during my hearing aid trials. As you know, I had refused to acknowledge that I needed help until a member of my family (a speech pathologist) suggested you could come to our house and everything could be organised with discretion and efficiency. Now I’m wondering why people keep shouting at me!

Thanks again for your kindness – and of course – your follow-up care.”

Wendy; Toowong March 2015


Recently I purchased my hearing aids through Independent Hearing Solutions. I’ve worn hearing aids most of my life. So I’ve gone through a few pair of them.
I met Sarah through parkrun over 2 years ago. She is always such a happy friendly lady. I had no hesitation in asking Sarah for advice about hearing aids in the past. So when the time come for me to get new aids Sarah was most professional person, never pushy, giving me the best information and even other options to consider as well.
Nothing was too much trouble. Sarah has gone out of her way to make sure I was comfortable with my new aids, including new moulds. So after a few minor adjustments they are now perfect.
I can’t recommend Independent Hearing Solutions highly enough! Thankyou so much Sarah!”

Christine M; Bethania Oct 2015

“When I first got my hearing checked it was quite an overwelling experience to be told that your level of Audio sounds are very low.
My first quote for Hearing Aids was very high and I though that I would never be able to afford them. I thought there must be a better company out there that could do a better price and customer care.
So I went searching online for companies within my area to request a prices/ quote and a call back.
One of those choices was Independent Hearing Solutions – Sarah Logan.
Sarah called me back within no time at all to discuss my enquiries. I found Sarah so friendly and helpful and no question was silly and she relaxed my feeling of being overwhelmed.
Our discussion progressed to make, type , style and colour for my Hearing Aids.
We, after many change of appointment dates due to my commitments. Sarah and I got together and fitted my Hearing Aids. Sarah went through everything about the Hearings Aids , Warranty and Batteries it was very informative and put my mine a ease.
First time wearing them in a shopping centre found back ground noise very loud so on follow up appointment with Sarah she was able to do an adjustment and all great now.
Life is so much better as to keeping up with the conversation and enjoying social gatherings , work environment not missing parts eg: saying “yes” and your supposed to say “no” – opps.
So thanks again Sarah.”

D.Lloyd; Hillcrest. January 2015

“Dear Sarah

I want to thank you for the professional manner in which you have dealt with the ongoing problems that I have experienced with my hearing aids over the last few months. Your willingness to be available at almost any time, your cheerful nature and ability to make people feel as if they are the most important person at that point of time is wonderful. I wish you the very best for your future endeavours and would happily recommend you to anyone that I know who might need your services.”

Brian H; January 2015

“We first came across Independent Hearing Solutions via a community sporting event called parkrun.  Sarah was the Event Director for this event and we got talking about the need for my elderly mother who might benefit from having such aids installed.  Sarah made several home visits to my mother’s place to assess the need for hearing aids, provide a technical selection for such units, fit these units and several follow up home visits to ascertain effectiveness.

At all times, Sarah was courteous to my mother and communicated slowly and effectively so as to be understood by her.  The purchase of the Siemens Binax Series 5 “Carat” aids was quickly done after moulds were taken.  At one point, the power supply to the battery charger was deemed to be faulty and Sarah tenaciously followed through to get a technical answer as to the operation of the charger.”

Keith on behalf of elderly mother, Mrs Richards; December 2014

“I have been completely deaf in my right ear all my life and have spoken to many people regarding my hearing only to be told nothing could be done.
I met Sarah through a running group and realised that she was in the hearing industry and after having a conversation she asked if I would be willing to trial hearing aids. I agreed and went into the trial not expecting a good out come as that was what I had been told all my life. Sarah did a hearing test, fitted me hearing aids and the whole time she was pleasant, caring, explained everything to me, never minded how many questions I asked and would always answer my calls or messages.
Much to my surprise I could hear more than I have ever heard using the hearing aids and I think that Sarah was just as excited about it as I was.
Meeting Sarah has opened up a whole new world of hearing for me and I can not thank her enough for helping me out.”

O.G.; Parkinson December 2014

“Dear Sarah,
I found your knowledge in how the testing would be undertaken to be very professional. Your equipment was the latest technology & helped me to understand that I did have a hearing problem.
Your advice on the type of hearing aid which would most suit me was extremely helpful . The hearing aids have made my life easier & your follow up service exceptional .
I would recommend your services to anyone who has a hearing problem.”

Gail R; Cornubia. December 2014

“I have had my Siemens hearing aids purchased through Independent Hearing Solutions represented by Sarah Logan for the last six months.

I became aware that I needed hearing aids when being served at retail outlets I was always asking the shop assistant to repeat themselves when answering questions. Also I was having trouble hearing in crowded situations.

I then saw an advertisement in the Bayside Bulletin with an offer of $1000 discount off the price and contacted Sarah who offered to come to my house and do the appraisal. Sarah turned up with a heap of hi-tech equipment and proceeded to amaze me with the capability of their product. I was impressed and immediately ordered a set of hearing aids.

I find the hearing aids to be very discreet and easy to wear and maintain. Sarah has always been helpful and willing to be of assistance if required.

I have found the hearing aids of great benefit. I have on a couple of occasions had to speak to an audience and found that I was easily able to understand feedback coming from the audience.

In conclusion, I can recommend Sarah and Independent Hearing Solutions.”

G.A; Ormiston